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 SP Farming Guide - Bandits

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PostSubject: SP Farming Guide - Bandits   Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:24 pm

Credits: Rampage


This guide is meant to teach you how to farm SP (skill points) in the fastest way possible so you dont have to level to 32 and then wish you had farmed earlier

SP farming is a MUST for those who wish to have more than 2 Skill trees (example: Blade/ Ice/ Fire //or// Glavie/ Fire/ Ice/ Lightning)

Skill Point Calculator
First of all you must think about what build you want (skills included)
Then click HERE to calculate how much SP you will need to achieve that build
Getting started

- Create a new character
- Chose Armor (can change after done farming)
- Chose bow (can change after done farming)
- train and level your Bow skill to 7 and STOP THERE
- Raise the first bow skill to lvl 1 only
- train and level either your Ice or Fire skill to 7 and STOP THERE
- Raise either the Ice or Fire imbue skill to lvl 1 only
- level yourself up to lvl 16
- buy the BEST lvl 16 bow possible (crit doesnt matter), Preferably an SOS or >+5
- head to the Mountain Stronghold

- near the middle there is a Bandit Archer spawn, with your bow you should be able to 1 hit KO them with Imbue + Bow skill
- if your bow is strong enough u can go for the Bandits
- Farm as much as you need according to the SP calculator


~ once you are done farming SP you can recall the skills you raised that you didnt need through the Curst heart quest you get at lvl 20

~raising Ice will allow you to save on HP pots while raising Fire will allow you to do more dammage therefore reducing the requierment for your godly bow

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SP Farming Guide - Bandits
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