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 Silkroad Jobs

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PostSubject: Silkroad Jobs   Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:27 pm

These are three jobs you can get at level 20 and beyond. They each have a job item for them which you locate if you press H in game and find it. If you go to Hotan you buy the more expensive ones which look better but they are 1 million gold.

What each class does

Trader- This person travels from city to city trading there goods and protecting his camel from appearing thiefs or human thiefs and if they die they lose all there goods they have brought from the merchants and wasted money, if you make it to the other city you can sell the goods from the camel which carries the goods and sell them to the merchant and he will give you lots more money back than you paid. You can choose to do 1-5 star trade you can do this by buying more items but this is harder and more thiefs spawn. If you do a 1 star you wont get as much money but you are safe from human thiefs, but they have found away around that they get their camel infront of yours and try to have loads of stuff on their camel about 5star and all their thiefs attack you! So be carefal and stay hidden.

Hunter- This person protects traders from hunters they can either be paid or do for free optional to get their hunter % up you can locate this same as other class's there.

Thief- This person goes around on camel finding hunters to kill and steal their goods and then go back to city and sell the goods for money.

Locations of jobs in Jangan

RED= Thief
GREEN= Hunter
BLUE= Trader

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Silkroad Jobs
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