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 Downloading Silkroad

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I Own Next Generation 2008

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PostSubject: Downloading Silkroad   Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:33 pm

Quote :
Silkroad Online Offical Website-
Silkroad Online Download center-
You will see an image like this-

This is the download you need, The Silkroad Online client. There is some other stuff you will need I will mention later. Leave it a while to download it may be fast or slow depending on your computers download speed. Once you have it follow the on screen prompts and do the required tasks. Now it is up and running but if you are having problems you may need some of these or configure.

-Your Firewall may be blocking the gameguard from running, so configure your firewall to allow the gameguard and Silkroad Online to run or other whys turn the firewall off.

-You also may need to get a new graphics card to play this game, a couple of people i know have had this issue but there computers are not very good

-You also may need the latest version of direct x to play the graphics you can download this from the download page it should look like this.

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Downloading Silkroad
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