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 Level 80 - Fully Farmed in 6 weeks!

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I Own Next Generation 2008

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PostSubject: Level 80 - Fully Farmed in 6 weeks!   Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:02 pm

How to make a character level 80 full farmed in 6 weeks!

today i will explain how to make a full farmed char tell lvl 80 in 6 weeks!
u have to had an old char high lvl or a friend high lvl who wanna help u, and bot .( im working on it, my char not 80 yet).

ok lets start, u will make a chare and lvl it to lvl 9 with 0 gap, then take the character to the ongs area and begin to lvl it,
but dont update the mastry any more, so u will leave it lvl 9, and keep lvling the character at ongs tell lvl 29, after that u will do
somthing no one or a little know it called ( dlvl party ) that mean u will dlvl ur character agan to lvl 19,
and u can do it fast i tell u how,if u using multi client, take ur character to hotan, flowers area, cause they r agrissive,
let ur char die, and u res her with the other client, do this tell u be lvl 19 again, and then back to ongs and keep farming there, u will get
lots and lots of sp, and when u back to lvl 29 again, u will do the same to back to lvl 19 again.

but what if u dont have an old char that can res?
its easy , just make a euro cleric char, this can ress ur other new farming char, but take care in hotan and set far from the dlvling char,
or u will die also and u will need a guy to res both of u lol.

how much sp do i have to be full farmed tell lvl 80?
well it depends on ur char, use the link below to c how much sp ur new char needs tell lvl 80.

..:: nivlaM ::.. its the best sp calculator ever for chinees or euro char.

for me i farmed 300k sp in 3 weeks, then when i had the 300k sp , i began to make 0 gap all the way and i have all the sp i need tell the end,
cause all know how its hard to farm when u r over lvl 45, it takes alot of time, so i shared this idea to let all have fun in the game,
and al be high lvls and go to forstess war, but if u saw me there, u better u run

how i can make this farming so fast?
ok i tell u how, i was using my other char, a bot nucker, and to make it so fast, i make a multi party!!

What is a multi party?
that mean i c another guy botting at ongs beside me and i ask him if we can make a multi party, that mean i invite him and the other guys he lvling them
so i will have 2 plvlers me (my other high lvl char) and him, so i take much sp cause both of us fighting ongs on 2 spots.
( and u can invite him alone but u have to pay to him peer hour)
thats all about farming so fast, and dont forget , the most good sp u will have is from lvl 20 to 29 while ur highst mastry9!
then after u reach the planned sp, u just go always 0 gap tell lvl 80, no wasting times in farming later , cause u will have all the sp tell the end.

any quistion or any thing post it here and i will answer u as fast as i can, its only i have exams this days, and some work.

i hope all get what im saying, and i hope all will have fun in the game.

here is the omages of my char, i just make it in 3 weeks and i dont have time this days to get online and play:

First pic:
Second pic:

my next topic will be how to optain all the honer points and get the academy sosun weapon in 2 weeks!

Do you realy think this is the real World ? w8 until you'l see it thru my eyes

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hier rank than Noob
hier rank than Noob

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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 - Fully Farmed in 6 weeks!   Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:19 am

yes you can make it .... but u forgot to tell that you need a lot of money to go in taxi ... with high lvl nukers ...
150-300k 1 hour

i am lvl 12 and i got 4k
so how can i go in taxi ...
no1 want to taxi you for free
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Level 80 - Fully Farmed in 6 weeks!
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